Cambrook Foods was founded in 2012 by Angus Cameron and Michael Brooks.
It was created out of our quest to make the perfect caramelised nut. Our research took us to Europe where we discovered both Italian and Spanish artisan businesses doing exactly this. Unfortunately they were not willing to divulge their secrets and so we returned home confident that it could be done but uncertain as to how. A little roasting pan bought in France was the key. We set about the task and after a few months of trials and tribulations we came up with our own unique way of caramelising nuts which we now do from our BRC (AA Grade) accredited factory in Andover, Hampshire. We have subsequently developed our own way of baking nuts which we both salt and season with our original recipes of herbs, spices and flavours.

We think all this makes us the best specialist nut manufacturer there is and the reason why London’s top hotels and independent retailers come to us for their nuts.


Caramelising nuts is tricky. The nuts and ingredients are carefully heated and gently tumbled in traditional continental roasting pans, until, at a particular moment, the perfect caramelised nut is created: Golden, subtly sweet, crunchy and totally irresistible.

Sometimes you need to do things by hand to achieve the best results. This is certainly the case with our caramelising and baking processes, but when it comes to packing we have high speed automatic machinery to do the job.
Our carameliser-in-chief turned his hand to baking and salting nuts at the request of one of our hotel customers in London. They have been coming back for more ever since so we decided to add these to our product range so now you can enjoy Cambrook nuts whether sweet, spicy or salty.